Domestic & Wild Bird Supplies


Red Barn Pet Foods and Supplies in Middletown carries a variety of wild bird supplies and pet bird supplies. From premium foods and  treats to toys and cage supplies. Our Wild Bird Seed is locally harvested from Walden NY. We also carry suet, hummingbird nectar and feeders.

Kaytee® Domestic Food & Treats


Kaytee® is committed to the comfort and safety of domestic and wild birds. Choose from tasty treats and food for your pet bird.



Lafeber® tasty bird treats  are made with the highest quality ingredients for a variety of domestic birds.

Pretty Bird®


Pretty Bird® Species Specific Amazon/Cockatoo and Electus foods are specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients.



Sunseed® Domestic Bird food consists natural diet with an amazing variety of grains, seeds, pellets, and specialty ingredients that your bird will love. 



Vitakraft® bird food and treats combine a nutritious blend of seeds, grains, veggies, fruits, nuts and specially fortified pellets.



Guided by our expert veterinary partners,  ZuPreem®  creates products that keep your birds happy and healthy.

Domestic Bird Supplies


Keep your pet bird comfortable and its environment clean with a variety of cage supplies - from nesting discs to waterers. 

Domestic Bird Toys


Toys promote exercise and therefore physical health and longevity. We carry a a variety of interactive toys for your pet bird.

Wild Bird Food


Bring beauty to your yard with a variety of wild bird seed. Our seed is Valley Farms® - located right here  in Walden, NY.

Suet Holders & Cakes


Wild birds benefit from suet as the fat content helps them sustain activity levels longer between meals. We have a variety of holders and flavors.

Wild Bird Feeders


We carry a wide variety of bird feeders to suit any decor! From poly-resin to wood - you're sure to find that perfect feeder for your yard. 

Hummingbird Supplies


Hummingbirds can pollinate flowers that can't be reached by other birds - so attract them to your yard with feeders and nectar.


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