Cat Food & Supplies

 At Red Barn Pet Food and Supplies, we offer a wide variety of premium cat food for every life-stage and dietary needs. Unlike the big box stores, at Red Barn Pet Foods and Supplies in Middletown NY, we understand the brands we carry and we’re available to answer all of your questions. We also carry a variety of cat supplies – treats, catnip, scratching posts, beds, litter boxes and scoops, litter and grooming aids. 

BLUE Buffalo®

All BLUE Buffalo® cat food varieties are made with the finest natural ingredients and are enhanced with vitamins and minerals. 

BLUE Wilderness®

Inspired by the diet of the lynx, BLUE Wilderness® is a protein-rich, grain-free food that contains more of the delicious meat cats love. 

Fussie Cat®

Fussie® Cat is Physiologically Tuned™ nutrition for your pet that’s rich in complete animal proteins, and loaded with flavor. 


We carry a variety of IAMS™ flavors in both wet and dry formulas to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Nurture Farms®

Holistic premium cat food designed to keep your cat strong and healthy! Enriched levels of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for optimum skin and coat. 

Science Diet®

 Science Diet® foods are made in the U.S. with ingredients that are checked for purity and nutrient content.  


Triumph® Cat Formulas consist of premium natural products, wholesome proteins and natural fats and carbohydrates. 

Cat Treats

Cats love rewards as much as we do! Give them a healthy and nutritious snack!

Cat Grass & Catnip

Satisfy your cat's urge to eat vegetation and preserve your plants.  Catnip makes them happy! 

Cat Feeding Supplies

 Everything you need to feed your cat in style - stainless, ceramic and auto-feeders. 

Cat Toys

Entice your cat's natural curiosity with interactive toys! Promotes play and exercise! 

Cat Beds

Every cat deserves to lounge in luxury. We have the perfect bed for your favorite feline.

Cat Trees & Scratching Posts

Cats love to climb and scratch, so give them a deluxe cat tree or scratching post!  

Cat Grooming Supplies

While cats naturally clean themselves, they sometimes miss a spot.  

Cat Flea & Tick Supplies

Keep your cat and home flea and tick free with a variety of prevention treatments.

Kitten Milk Replacer

We carry KMR® products, the leading milk replacer for nursing, orphaned or rejected kittens.

Cat Litter Supplies

 We have natural litters, pans and scoops help keep your kitty's area clean and neat. 

Cat Carriers

Protect your cat when you need to take her for a ride. Plastic and cardboard varieties.


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